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Oct 21, 2019

New parents are often warned against posting pictures of their children online, due to the dark web hosting a network of child abusers. But while that is a very real concern, it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why parents should think twice before hitting Post. In episode 61 of Social Minds, we welcome back Kat Callow who has recently returned from a consulting role in Silicon Valley. Children become self-aware at age 5. By that point, there are already about 5,400 images of them online - and that’s just in the UK. In the last few years, millennial parents have popularised ’sharenting’ while some children are influencers in their own right. But Kat emphasises the permanence of hosting images on Facebook or Google’s servers, and how they’re used to study behaviour for commercial gain. As we start to see the first legal cases of digital emancipation emerge, transgender rights, ownership of identity and mental health are all feature heavily in this growing debate between parents and platforms.

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